Christ In Every
Book Of The Bible

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Christ is the central theme of the Bible. Every book of the Bible reveals something more about our glorious Saviour. Below is a brief summary.

Genesis - Creator, Seed of the Woman, Ark of Salvation

Exodus - Passover Lamb, Deliverer, High Priest

Leviticus - High Priest, Sacrifice, Way of Approach to God

Numbers - Pillar of Cloud by Day, Pillar of Fire by Night, Tabernacle, Smitten Rock, Star out of Jacob

Deuteronomy - Prophet Like Moses, Law Giver

Joshua - Captain of our Salvation, Victorious Leader

Judges - Judge and Law-Giver, Deliverer

Ruth - Kinsman-Redeemer, Lover, Protector

I Samuel - Anointed Prophet and Priest, True Claimant to Scepter of Judah, Throne of David and Everlasting Kingdom

II Samuel - Son of David, Greater David

I Kings - Only Perfect King, Greater Solomon, Builder of God's Temple

II Kings - Perfect King, Man of God, Word of God

I Chronicles - Reigning King

II Chronicles - Perfect King, Priest and Prophet

Ezra - Faithful Scribe, Builder and Restorer of the Church

Nehemiah - Rebuilder of the Broken Walls, Governor of the Church, Restorer and Protector

Esther - Our Mordecai, Advocate

Job - Ever-Living Redeemer

Psalms - Our Shepherd, All in All, Beloved of God, Our Rock, Our Fortress

Proverbs - Wisdom of God

Ecclesiastes - Wisdom of God, Preacher, Son of David, King of Jerusalem

Song of Solomon - Perfect Lover and Bridegroom, King of Peace

Isaiah - Messiah, Holy One of Israel, Prince of Peace, Salvation, Righteousness, Comfort, Judge

Jeremiah - Righteous Branch, Lord our Righteousness

Lamentations - Man of Sorrows, Weeping Prophet

Ezekiel - Four-Faced Man, Son of Man Sent to Rebellious Israel

Daniel - Fourth Man in the Fiery Furnace, Smitten Stone that Fills the Earth, King of kings

Hosea - Patient Bridegroom, Healer of the Backslider

Joel - Baptizer with the Holy Spirit, Deliverer, Judge

Amos - Burden-Bearer, Heavenly Bridegroom, Judge

Obadiah - Saviour, Judge, Executor of Divine Retribution

Jonah - Foreign Missionary, One Greater than Jonah

Micah - Messenger with Beautiful Feet, Rejected King

Nahum - Avenger, Stronghold in the Day of Trouble, Prophet of Comfort and Vengeance

Habakkuk - God of My Salvation, Judge of Babylon, Rewarder of Those Who Seek Him

Zephaniah - Lord Mighty to Save, Executor of Judgment

Haggai - Prophet, Priest and King, Builder of the House of the Lord

Zechariah - Righteous Branch, Yahweh's Servant, Smitten Shepherd, King-Priest

Malachi - Sun of Righteousness, Messenger of the New Covenant, Refiner, Purifier of His People



Matthew - Son of David, Head of the Church, Saviour

Mark - Suffering Servant of Yahweh, Mighty King

Luke - Son of Man, Sympathetic High Priest, Saviour

John - Son of God, One Who Brings Eternal Life

Acts - One Sitting at the Right Hand of God, Prince of the Kings of the Earth

Romans - Lord our Righteousness, Justifier, Redeemer, Saviour

I Corinthians - Foundation of the Church, Unifier, Great Sacrifice, Resurrected One, Coming Lord

II Corinthians - Son of God, One Who Anoints, Reconciler

Galatians - Great Redeemer, Seed of Abraham, Liberator

Ephesians - Heavenly King, Reconciler, Head of the Body, Giver of Ministry Gifts

Philippians - Source of the Fruits of Righteousness, One Equal with God Who Humbled Himself, Coming One

Colossians - Pre-eminent One, Redeemer in the Image of God

I Thessalonians - Risen Lord, Coming King

II Thessalonians - Coming King, Great Judge, Faithful One

I Timothy - Enabler Who Ministers, Mediator, God in the Flesh, King of kings

II Timothy - Victor Over Death, Resurrected Seed of David

Titus - One Who Appoints the Leaders in the Church, Coming Saviour

Philemon - Controller of the Destiny of His Servants

Hebrews - Son and Image of God, Captain and Author of Our Salvation, Apostle and High Priest

James - Unchangeable Father, Wisdom of God, Husbandman, Coming Lord

I Peter - One Who was Resurrected, Chief Cornerstone

II Peter - Saviour, Coming One, Deliverer

I John - Word of Life, Advocate, Propitiator, Messiah

II John - Son of God, God Come in the Flesh

III John - Truth, One Who is Good

Jude - Preserver, Coming Judge, Merciful One

Revelation - Coming One, Beginning and End, Son of Man, Great Judge, Lion of Judah, Conquering One, Lamb, Bridegroom, Faithful, True, Word of Go

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