Relational Apostolic Families
An Answer To Denominational Dilemmas

By Rev. Tim Osiowy

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Table Of Contents



1.  Denominational Dilemmas

2.  Denomination Beginnings Pros And Cons

3.  A New Apostolic Day

4.  The Concept Of Apostolic Families

5.  The Benefits Of Apostolic Families

6.  Parenting And Apostolic Families

7.  The Honour Of Sons And Daughters

8.  The Goal - Many Healthy Apostolic Families

9.  Independence, Dependence, Interdependence

10.  Reunions And The Larger Family

11.  Transitioning

12.  Considerations

13.  Maturity, Authority And Networking

14.  Institutions, Organizations, Buildings

15.  Families Will Have Problems

16.  Instructors Or Fathers

17.  Fathers And Mothers Travial For Their Families

18.  Fathers, Family, Friends

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